Matthew Guy denies demotion in restructured public service

A photo of Planning Minister Matthew Guy. SOURCE: ABC

A photo of Planning Minister Matthew Guy.

By Mehroz Siraj

Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy on Wednesday denied that he had been demoted in the state’s newly restructured civil service setup.

Last month, Premier Dennis Napthine had announced a far reaching overhaul of the state’s public sector setup under which Guy’s planning department would be merged with the transport ministry which is headed by Minister Terry Mulder.

The premier previously said that he believed that this broad based restructuring of the state’s bureaucracy would help in cutting red tape and would put forward the message that Victoria was open for reforms, business and investments.

Denying his demotion while talking to ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine, Guy said that the premier had in fact given him more tasks to manage.

“I don’t know what the Premier actually has to do. He’s actually given me Land Victoria. He’s given me the Victorian Government architect,” he said.

“We are doing what we think is best for Victoria,” he further added.

While explaining the rationale behind the mergers of the state’s planning and transport ministries, he said that this would assist the state government in delivering upon its planning and infrastructure projects in those parts of the state that were experiencing strong population growth.

“It is the most sensible thing that the government can do in order to put projects forward,” he said, adding that he believed that this restructuring of the state machinery was required in order to ensure that important infrastructure projects were being delivered to the communities in a timely manner.

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