By the numbers: The Queensland budget at a glance


The following are the salient features of the Queensland state budget for 2013-14 that was presented by the State Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, on June 5 to the state parliament in Brisbane.

The following figures were taken from the treasurer’s budget speech:  

  • Damages caused by last year’s flooding were about $2.5billion, with an additional $500million worth of property damages and $750million in lost economic production.


  • Over 2,000 residential properties evacuated in the Bundaberg region and over 4,300 were damaged.


  • Over 390,000 homes across Queensland left without power and 22 per cent of state controlled roads and 3,100 kilometres of rail networks across the state had been damaged.


  • Total disaster repairing costs have been forecast at $9.3billion over the next three years.


  • Total financial costs of damages caused by the flooding now stand at $13.8billion.


  • Economic growth was recorded at 4 per cent in the last state financial year.


  • Economic growth for the current year forecasted at 3 per cent.


  • Economic growth to heavily rely on LNG and shale gas explorations and exports.


  • LNG exports expected to rise by 23 per cent by 2015-16.


  • Economic growth forecasted at 6 per cent in Queensland in 2015-16


  • Fiscal deficits from 2006-07 till 2012-13 stood at a collective total of $45.3billion


  • Gross debts to reach $80.1billion by 2014-15


  • Fiscal deficit to reach to $7.7billion next year, up from $4.6billion this year.  


  • GST revenues and mining royalties have dipped by $5.3billion since March 2012.


  • Insurance premiums on general products across Queensland to increase by 9 per cent from August 1, 2013.


  • Education budget increased by $707million, or 6.6 per cent.


  • Disability spending is up by $64million.


  • Disability care spending would balloon up to $868million in 2018-19


  • Queensland government has signed up to the NDIS.


  • State government to invest $106million in  NDIS in 2013-14.


  • The health budget has been given a boost of $533million , or 4.5 per cent from the current year.


  • Queensland to receive its due share of 0.5 per cent of the Medicare levy increases.


  • This would enable the state government to invest $2.3billion to support Queenslanders suffering from disability and other serious illnesses.


  • “This funding will help to ensure that young people with a disability exiting the care of the State, or leaving school, are supported. It will also help people with spinal cord injuries to leave hospital and live in the community,” Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls said.

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