Victorian drivers making wrong calls, Police

The Border Mail

A learner driver hooned along the Hume Freeway at Wodonga early yesterday at almost 170km/h before refusing a police breath test.

The man had his car impounded by police, and it will be a month before he can get the Daewoo station wagon back with a $583 fee having to be paid.

That came just hours after a car carrying six people — including one in the boot — rolled and crashed near Benalla.

Wodonga police’s Sgt David Arnold said the hoon driver was heading south on the Hume Freeway at 4am when a radar check detected his speed at the Melrose Drive overpass at 167km/h.

The West Wodonga man, 25, was pulled over by police after exiting at McKoy Street, but he refused to take part in a preliminary breath test.

“It was pretty fast, especially for someone with inexperience,” he said.

Sgt Arnold said refusing a breath test “may be an indication that he had been drinking, but we can’t give any guarantees on that”.

The man’s car has been impounded for 30 days under Victorian hoon legislation.

He will be charged on summons with speeding, unlicensed driving, refusing to undergo a breath test and will face Wodonga Court at a later date.

The driver in the crash near Benalla is still to be interviewed by police.

The man, 23, was driving south on the Tocumwal Road yesterday at 12.50am when he lost control of the car, which left the road, went through a fence and crashed into the embankment of a dam.

“He’s then rolled the car and it has landed on its roof,” a Benalla police spokeswoman said.

The four men and two women — including the 20-year-old man in the boot — were out of the car by the time emergency services arrived at the scene.

The ambulance spokesman said three of them were taken to the Goulburn Valley hospital at Shepparton and the other three to Wangaratta hospital.

“These ranged from shoulder and hand injuries to bruises, cuts and abrasions and some facial injuries,” he said.

“They were very, very lucky — one of the MICA offices said if the car had have ended up in the dam it could have been a completely different story.”


The third incident involved a Melbourne man caught speeding on the Hume Freeway man near Benalla on Saturday.

The man, 28, of Altona Meadows, was pulled over by the Benalla Highway Patrol about 2.20pm as he drove at 122km/h in a 110km/h zone on his way home from Sydney.

Police had to impound the man’s newly bought second-hand 1999 Lexus IS200 as he was driving on a suspended sentence.


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