Western Australian tourism authorities plan to lure Asian tourists

The Bunbury Mail

The South West Development Commission (SWDC) in Western Australia has revealed a report about the current state and future of the state’s tourism industry.

Bunbury tourism projects on the horizon will be crafted to meet the needs of Asian visitors in order to make the most of the growing market.

A sweeping plan to boost tourism throughout Greater Bunbury and the South West has been unveiled by the SWDC.

The plan will see millions spent on infrastructure in the region, and a push to attract more Asian tourists to the region – specifically from China.

More than $20 million on infrastructure projects – including more than $10 million on the Dolphin Discovery Centre upgrade – will be spent in an effort to drive tourist numbers and expenditure in the region.

The Tourism Futures plan, released yesterday, outlines a five-year strategy for the region’s tourism.

Commission chairman Stuart Hicks said the report would guide efforts to attract more visitors to the South West, entice visitors to stay longer in the region and encourage tourists to spend more during their stay.

“We will be concentrating on infrastructure and event development, as well as the packaging of experiences for the domestic and international markets,” Mr Hicks said.

“In addition to supporting our own activities, we anticipate Tourism Futures South West will also be used by tourism organisations to support funding applications, and potential investors wanting insight into the region’s tourism trends and priorities.”

Mr Hicks said tourism was an important industry to the South West region which injected millions of dollars into the region’s economy each year and provided significant employment opportunities.

“The South West region of Western Australia is already popular with visitors, attracting more tourists than any other region in the State outside of Perth,” he said.

“But as popular as it is, we believe it has more to offer and that this strategy will help the region reach its potential in the tourism sector.”


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