Regional retailers better understand their customers than their city based counterparts


A regional retail centre in Wendouree, Victoria. Source: The Ballarat Courier

The Ballarat Courier

Regional retailers have an advantage over city counterparts because they understand their community business needs much better, says the Australian Retailers Association.

However ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman admitted it was concerning consumers left major regional cities to shop in capital cities.

He said retailers needed be aware of their advantages.

“They tend to have staff they know and who understand their local community better,” Zimmerman said. “I think there is a huge opportunity for local retailers that large retailers really struggle with.”

Trading hours were often a controversial topic among retailers and shoppers, however Zimmerman said it was important they understood local needs.

“Go out and look at what your local needs are and what your consumers want and ensure you are trading for those hours,” he said.

Another common error for retailers is forgetting to update their website, according to Zimmerman, who said a simple thing like a change of address could leave consumers confused.

“Just remember to thank the customer, put a smile on your face and be pleasant, because it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.”


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