Humanity wins: Sydney teenagers rescue pregnant woman, children from burning fire



The three girls whose bravery was praised by NSW authorities. SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

By Mehroz Siraj

NSW fire fighters and police have praised the courage and humility of three Sydney teenage girls who saved a pregnant woman and her three children from a fire-blazing house in the Sydney suburb of Blackett on Wednesday, ABC News reported.

The teenage girls were walking along Popondetta Road around 5pm local time when they noticed the fire blazing from a nearby house, it was reported.

Whilst two of the girls entered the blazing house to rescue the afflicted family, one of the girls volunteered to call the emergency services, it was reported.

One of the teenagers, Tiarnna Bevege told The ABC  that she and her friend Jessica went inside to rescue the 40-week pregnant woman and three children, aged one, three and five, respectively.

“It was very quick, we just got the kids and then got out, we did not want to stay in there,” she said.

Heaping praise on the courage and courtesy of the teenage girls, Inspector Steve Foran of the local fire service department said that the fact these girls went in to help without any personal protective equipment was in itself an inspiration for everyone.

“To think that they would be switched on enough to do that without any protective equipment is just an amazing thing,” he said.

Inspector Bill Pearce of the police said that his department will go ahead to nominate the brave girls for NSW’s bravery awards.

“They obviously are sensible and intelligent young women and they obviously saw what was going on and realised that there was a need for someone to help,” he told The ABC.

“They were asked to help and without hesitation, and very bravely, they entered the premises and assisted the lady,” he added.

Tiarnna’s mother, Melinda spoke highly about the courage and bravery that her daughter and her friends had shown in their attempt to rescue the pregnant lady and her three children.

“It is selfless. It is just pure instinct for the girls to run in there and help other people,” she said.

Police and fire authorities did inform that the fire blaze was extinguished promptly.

The pregnant lady who was examined by medical staff at the site of the blaze was also safe and had not suffered any injuries, sources said.

However, another women who was retrieved from the backyard of the burning house was taken to a local hospital for medical assessments and treatments, it was learnt.


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