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Coffee pods killing the environment: Former Nespresso chief.

  By Mehroz Siraj Rupani The cost of convenient coffee could prove to be very pricey for the environment, says Jean-Paul Galliard, the former chief of the coffee machine division of Nestle Foods.  In an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) earlier this week, Galliard claimed that due to the convenience factor, people around […]

Meet the AFL’s first female coach: St Kilda’s Peta Searle

    Source:  Samantha Lane, The Age. Making history as a woman in football, Peta Searle has been recruited by St Kilda as a development coach. It is the highest a female has climbed in AFL coaching ranks and comes after Searle, the trailblazer who was the first woman appointed to a VFL assistant coaching […]

Federal Budget: Queenslanders believe it will be devastating for communities

  By Mehroz Siraj Queenslanders living in the regional areas of their state have collectively rejected Treasurer Joe Hockey’s first federal budget, arguing that regional areas would be worse off under the Coalition government.    Treasurer Hockey’s declaration of raising fuel indexation, cutting education and infrastructure spending, along with the government’s failure to annually commit […]

Written in History-A peoples library

By Samantha Schraag ABC Open To celebrate the 40th birthday of its current home, the Mount Isa City Library reflects in Library and Information Week on the relationship of its building with its community. Overlooking a dry and dusty riverbed sits a resilient testament to the perseverance of Mount Isa’s people. From its humble beginnings […]

American workers to launch massive strikes over pay rise demands

By Mehroz Siraj Many American fast food consumers would find it hard to buy their Big Macs and chicken nuggets across the United States on May 15as employees of the big fast food chains would be organizing a national strike demanding a doubling of the national minimum wage to US$15. Organized under the banner of […]

Freeze minimum wages for a decade: Audit Commission

Guardian Australia The minimum wage should be frozen for a decade, reduced to 44% of average weekly earnings and vary between states and territories, according to the Commission of Audit. The current minimum wage is $622.20 a week, or $16.37 an hour, about 56% of average weekly earnings. Reducing it by 44% this year would see it […]

Australia’s war on science. SYDNEY — Scientists here in Australia say they’ve discovered their foe: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since he came to power in September, some of Australia’s finest researchers point out that their budgets have been slashed. They say their expertise is being ignored in favour of the views of sceptics with a dubious commitment to the facts. Now the science community […]

Neville Wran to get state funeral: Baird

By Mehroz Siraj Incoming NSW Premier, Mike Baird has announced that former Premier Neville Wran would get an official state funeral because of his lifetime worth of public service to the people of that state and the country. “It is an entirely appropriate tribute for a man who left his mark on this state,” the […]

Barry O’ Farrell resigns after caught lying to the ICAC

  By Mehroz Siraj New South Wales Premier, Barry O’Farrell has sensationally resigned from the state’s highest office as a result of the ongoing inquiries of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) into the abuse of money and power within the state’s political hierarchy. O’ Farrell had been regularly called in by the ICAC’s investigating […]

Why Sydney is on course to lose its status as Australia’s biggest city

By Matt Wade Sydney Morning Herald So Sydney, how do you feel about relinquishing your status as Australia’s biggest city? Last week the Bureau of Statistics predicted population will overtake Sydney’s by 2053. Other forecasters reckon the Victorian capital’s numerical ascendancy could arrive by the late 2030s or even earlier. Prophecies like those, of course, rely […]