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Australia’s war on science. SYDNEY — Scientists here in Australia say they’ve discovered their foe: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since he came to power in September, some of Australia’s finest researchers point out that their budgets have been slashed. They say their expertise is being ignored in favour of the views of sceptics with a dubious commitment to the facts. Now the science community […]

Why Sydney is on course to lose its status as Australia’s biggest city

By Matt Wade Sydney Morning Herald So Sydney, how do you feel about relinquishing your status as Australia’s biggest city? Last week the Bureau of Statistics predicted population will overtake Sydney’s by 2053. Other forecasters reckon the Victorian capital’s numerical ascendancy could arrive by the late 2030s or even earlier. Prophecies like those, of course, rely […]

Hird not being paid from AFL coffers, Demetrious insists.

By Mehroz Siraj The Chief Executive Officer of the AFL Commission, Andrew Demetriou has denied earlier reports published in News Limited papers which alleged that despite serving a suspension, former Essendon player and coach James Hird was on the payroll of the AFL or the club. In a letter that was directly addressed to the […]

Sex in the school backyard

By Cosima Mariner Remember your first fumble in the dark? Sneaking around, hormones pumping, wrestling with clothing, the thrill of the illicit before crossing the threshold of first touch, first kiss, first sex. Memories of the first time are tinged with feelings of awkwardness, excitement and wistfulness. War stories and boasts of adolescent escapades form a […]

Jill Meagher remembered after a year Twelve months ago today, Jill Meagher spent a final evening with friends, and then vanished. We remember what it was like, vividly, because the heartbreaking fullness of her fate is now known. She was abducted, raped and murdered. But back then, the facts came to light gradually – the horrifying story emerging in rough, […]

Election 2013: Bundaberg farmers call for slashing electricity tariffs

Sunshine Coast Daily Bundaberg:  Local Farmers are calling for federal candidates to make electricity costs a key focus of their campaign, fearing rising power bills will force growers off the land as the industry becomes unviable. Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group (BRIG) manager Dale Holliss said one of the biggest issues facing Bundaberg’s farmers this election […]

Further actions on ICAC reports to take time, says O’ Farrell.

By Mehroz Siraj NSW Premier Barry O’ Farrell has said that developing a future course of legal action in accordance with the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) reports on the state’s mining industry corruption investigation will require time and additional resources. While addressing the NSW  parliament on August 1, the premier announced that the state […]

Australian students doing it tough in higher education

Newcastle Herald/Australian Associated Press Two out of three Australian university students live below the poverty line, a report says, as student debt soars. The report from Universities Australia’s longitudinal study of student finances, released yesterday, says more than two-thirds of students worry about their finances. This is a big jump from when the last study […]

Sydney’s Monorail rides its last

By Luke Hopwell Gizmodo Australia Once, when I was a boy, my parents decided to take my sister and I into the city for a day trip. We lived a few hours north, so travelling into the heart of Sydney was a rare treat. Dad worked in Sydney so coming in on his weekend was […]

Brakes on manufacturing as Ford pulls out

    By Paul Bastian The impact of Ford’s decision to end car manufacturing in Australia will ricochet throughout the manufacturing industry, writes Paul Bastian. The shock announcement yesterday that Ford will stop making vehicles in Australia comes as terrible news for the 1,200 workers affected. They will be gutted to learn that the company […]