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Pakistan greets democracy by expelling NY Times reporter

New York Times Pakistan’s Interior Ministry has ordered the expulsion of The New York Times bureau chief in Islamabad on the eve of national elections, the newspaper said Friday. The Times has strongly protested the move and is seeking his reinstatement. The ministry did not give any detailed explanation for the expulsion order, which was […]

Pakistani women starting a new chapter with elections

By Kelsey L. Campbell Foreign Policy Magazine On Saturday, Pakistanis will go to the polls to determine their new provincial and national assemblies. The completion of the Pakistan People’s Party’s term in March was hailed as a major achievement in democracy-the first time a democratically-elected administration served a full term in the country’s 65-year history. […]

Australia Strives to Balance China and the United States

  New York Times Blogs BEIJING — The official Chinese news media responded in a low-key, if apparently approving, fashion to a shift by the Australian government toward a more conciliatory strategic approach to China, judging by reactions over the weekend. And judging by at least some online reactions from ordinary Chinese, suspicions linger that […]

Police: MIT Suspect Tied to Boston Marathon Bomb

Latest on the Boston bombings:   (WATERTOWN, Mass.) — The post bombing atmosphere in Boston had taken a nasty turn on  Thursday, as a police official was shot dead shortly after it was reported that one of the major suspects in the Boston marathon bombings had been killed in a police encounter. The police swamped […]